August 27
Craving to get away, but want to spend your time doing more than just staring at sunsets?
Sri Lanka is the hottest retreat destination in the world right now – and a week at Talalla Retreat could be just the open air, yogic sanctuary you need right now.

Think surfing, yoga, pilates, boxing, barre and delicious healthy food – as well as pampering, personal development and exotic excursions…  I think the pictures say it all.
Here, I speak to retreat facilitator Jenna Kruiskamp as to why if you only go on one getaway this year, make it this one.
Reviewed By Alina B: Retreats are a big job – what made you run them?
Jenna Kruiskamp: Honestly? We couldn’t find the sort of holiday we wanted in the market. It was either the ‘eat and drink too much’ holidays where we came home feeling like crap, or the ‘juice bender’ holidays where we came back feeling amazing, but hadn’t really let our hair down and had any fun. We wanted the best of both worlds in an amazing location where we could eat really well, be super active, have a good pamper and do a little reflection and personal development, and still have a few drinks at the end of the day. So Talalla Wellness was born.

Why Sri Lanka?
We’d spent a bit of time in Bali and loved the beachy, tropical vibe but could do without the mass tourists and terrible traffic. We travelled to Sri Lanka to check it out and instantly felt at home with the beautiful beaches (often all to ourselves), fun waves to surf, amazing food and incredible people. With its proximity to major hubs in Asia as well as Europe and the States it’s a great place to setup a business and it just felt like the right fit. 
What’s the difference between a retreat and an active holiday?
The word ‘retreat’ has a heap of negative connotations – to withdraw, to shy away. While we get that every holiday has elements of wanting to escape – we wanted to create a place people ran towards in order to better their ‘real lives’ – because at the end of the day, we all have to go back to them eventually. Our aim is to send people home glowing and healthy with skills they can implement into their lives to help with the burnout, anxiety – whatever they’re dealing with. And sore abs… from laughing AND working out! 
Who needs an active holiday, in your opinion?
It depends on the ‘active holiday’. Some are really fitness-focused, and while that’s a big part of what we do – we still want people of all fitness levels to be able to attend. Balance Breaks are completely personalised depending on what people want to get out of them, so there could be 10 people there, but everyone’s schedule looks a little different. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to wellness – so we factor in a pretty extensive pre-consultation where we find out what makes people tick before we meet them, so we know exactly what they’re after and can tailor their week accordingly. 
What is different about your experience to others on the market?
We definitely have a very balanced approach. Detox holidays are great, but if you come back and put all of the (water) weight back on straight away (and you haven’t had any fun getting it off in the first place) – what’s the point? People leave us fitter, stronger, glowing and happy. It’s a holiday on (healthy) steroids!
Who should come?
Often people come when something’s not quite right in their lives – either they feel stuck at work, or they’re in a crappy relationship (or fresh out of one). Even more, people come because they just want to learn something new, get out of their comfort zone and build on their fitness. There’s an (optional) personal development that people get a real kick out of too because we so rarely take the time to ask ourselves where we’re going, and what’s important to us. It’s basic life-stuff, but it gets shoved to the bottom of the to-do list all the time. 
Paper Tiger
Anything else you’d love people to know?
Just that Sri Lanka is definitely somewhere to add to the bucket list if you haven’t been already. It’s our favourite place in the world and we absolutely love sharing it with people!
Wellness breaks run twice a month and prices start from $1099USD all inclusive for the week.

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