March 18
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If you want to be a global citizen, please read monocle.

It’s a refreshing antidote to the dumbed down voice of 99% of current mainstream media.

If everybody read it, the world would be a better place. We would be educated about each nation’s quirks, united by common synergies and endeared by differences.

No other publication keeps you abreast of a range of global trends in such a way, via its intellectually sharp, upbeat and worldly tone. It’s a voice that respects and educates the reader.

Monocle is no left-wing fringe rag – it is a glamorous publication in the sphere of GQ or Harpers Bazaar. However, it taps into a nouveau paradigm of conscious globalism – incorporating elegance, style, innovation, environmentalism and humaneness into a portal of exceptional content.

And at the end of the day, the media has a responsibility to foster just that.

Cultural stereotypes are born of ignorance that leads to prejudice. And prejudice is the precipice to hate. Cultural curiosity, however grows our minds towards compassion. To discover new things about others – from the beauty to the underbelly – enriches our soul and fosters the interconnection that this world needs to thrive.


Whether commenting on travel, style or politics, monocle beautifully breaks down cultural stereotypes and assumptions through mere reportage and education. I was thrilled to learn that Barcelona is the third largest hotspot for international investment. If mainstream media is to be believed, its easy to assume that Spain is a debt ridden catastrophe. I also was pleasantly bemused to learn of the mechanical strength afforded to Italy’s military. Not a bad discovery about a place largely known for its food, vineyards and a stylish mafia!

Every month, the magazine is packed with a range of lifestyle and social articles that span the trends of every corner of the globe. There is the print edition (on recycled stock, no less), as well as a content-rich website and dozens of diverse radio stations under the monocle banner – not to mention a chic new on-line store (check out the latest Oliver Peoples collaboration).

Reading even a page of this fab magazine makes me feel poised for any dinner party conversation (whether I was invited to the Governor General’s or Stephano Gabanna’s house alike) and makes my global exploits, opportunities and adventures easier to plan. I feel in the know – without having been there.

This publication doesn’t hide the truth but rather, own it with eloquence and consideration.

Have you discovered monocle yet?

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