May 20
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I am a fashion loving, galavanting writer – yet nothing tickles my fancy more than soulful women’s work.

I know this conjures up images of women hugging and singing kumbaya (as well as a heady dose of crying) – but to me, this is a private journey that is a lot deeper; and what we’re maybe desperately crying out for.

Whether you flick open Sunday Life or Harper’s Bazaar, there’s constant women-centred topics of modern day afflictions – selfie obsessions, botox madness, dietary drivers and dysfunctional modern marriages (porn addiction anyone)? Equally, there is an uprising of remedies for the maladies – yoga, green juice, self help books, retreats, rituals and courses.

And I’ve done them all.

However, nothing has been more constant – or stood the test of time – than sacred women’s work as the centrepiece of my toolkit. Dating, money, happiness and power were all brought to meaning and balance by working my energetic resonance from within. I am talking about grasping hungrily at the secret wisdom of the ancestors that will give sanity and balance to our millennial lives. This is all about managing your woman energy in a unique way – that means a secret tool kit to your moods, your thoughts and cycles in a way that gives you wings and makes you thrive.

This is not only for women on the ‘fringe’ – the more modern, busy, ‘mainstream’ and conventional you are, the more you need it.

But no one will teach you this, unless you seek it. It’s quite truly a unique and potent system that society forgot.

Despite my overload of writing work, I continue to teach and share the wisdom of the women I have learned as much as I can. It’s beyond a desire – it’s my duty. It’s all easy to be fabulous and flowing when you’re in Byron Bay – but what are you doing when you work full time? Or putting in the long yards on your business? Plus prepping, food, mothering and exercising (if you’re lucky)?

We compensate and stuggle and survive, with glimpses of illumination. Yet I want to give you a system where you are quite simply, overflowing.
Please join me at my two hour talk at Flow Athletic on May 30th, where I will share with a whole new set of tools to replenish and radiate your woman-power from within.

If you are drained, tired or disenchanted this simple power-up session is a must.

The lucky attendees of this straight up and resource-rich talk will be nourishing their souls and minds with practices to cultivate instant confidence and feminine essence, expanding their world with insightful lessons on love, abundance and empowered feminine strength.

Will you be among them?

If so, spaces are limited. Register on-line today or call 02 9331 6721.

Be among these leading women of Sydney and be a part of the spearhead of personal change. Perhaps you have a girlfriend, sister or mother who could do with just this sort of revitalisation. Pass this on.

See you there. Can’t wait.


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