February 5
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Like many people, I am so busy and preoccupied that for the most part, I can’t keep track of all the hip new happenings around me.


It’s not like I don’t try – I trawl the weekend papers for ideas! – yet come another weekend and my mind goes blank. New places that I wanted to try Tuesday suddenly escape my mind come Saturday.

Can anybody else relate?

I say we all need something instantaneous and at our fingertips, where you know what is happening nearby and in the moment, don’t you agree?

This is where the HeyLets app comes in, letting you browse what others like you rate as noteworthy; in a category of your liking.

Feel like something classy? Fashion-y? Sporty?

On HeyLets, informed users share their favourite experiences within 140 characters and a jazzy photograph. The app algorithm curates your feed so that only people who share your interests and demographics are visible. You can also search recommendations according to experts in the field or by following celebs (Samantha Jade is already a fan).

What this means for you practically is that you can:

a) get your memory prompted to popular, forgotten or rarely discovered places
b) request more venue info (such as if there’s any more duck dumplings left on the menu)
c) claim vendor offers within the app

It’s the wonder-app for anyone with fomo, indecision or a terrible short term memory (essentially, me!).

You can even drill down your search on what single men or women of different ages are doing – is there no subtler way of finding out which venues to hit up for those gettin’ lucky (or which to avoid)?

Others are also catching on to the genius – founded in November 2013 by entrepreneurs Dean Kelly and Justin Parfitt, the pair had two offers within weeks of opening – both over $100,000 – from wealthy friends keen to get in at the ground level (and presumably, ride the growth).

Both Justin and Dean are no strangers to building successful companies – Dean founded the multi million dollar online furniture company Zanui, and Justin’s company, Fast Impressions, which is the world’s largest speed dating company, was recently acquired by Plenty of Fish for an undisclosed sum. Clearly, these guys know what they’re doing.

I use this app for finding stimulating ways to spend my weekends… To source more fresh ideas from sources I can trust. Think how many times you’ve been somewhere awesome and want to shout it from the rooftops? Well, now you can.

All you need to do is download it right here and be sure to follow me so I can follow you back.

Please leave a note below and let me know cool new things you’re discovering!

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