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October 26

I have endlessly been fascinated by meditation and, at various times of my journey either revered or craved its benefits. When I do it, life is flowing and amazing, like I’m starring in the movie Limitless.

When I don’t, I am so busy I forget – and life takes on a dullness and an urgency where the first thing on my mind is the panicked thought that I need to fit more in.


February 26
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Vie – French, noun: life

So naturally, celeb-savvy new performance wear label Vie Active will settle for no less than push our boundaries of fitness and fashion to exuberant heights.

Vie Active is different from the current influx of trendy and overpriced ranges that have recently flanked the market – namely because apart from being gorgeous, every garment is made from the highest quality performance fabrics, including F3 Compression and Australian Merino wool. Finally, your skin gets to make friends with a fabric that is getting fame for its unsurpassed breathability as well as moisture wicking, anti-microbial, quick-dry and shape recovery properties!

Now, this Merino is working harder than I have in years! So how will it affect my performance when I train?

I hit the gym, donning my Katrina zippered tank and Zanna 7/8 aqua supplex tights. The leggings especially feel super soft against my skin and shape me up in all the right places. I don’t usually wear leopard print – but after years of saggy grey marle at the gym, I think it’s due time that I made a feline statement in my upper-wear. The flattering fit of the top and thinner fabric are welcome as they add ventilation – yet no extra bulk to my chest.

I proceed to wear the pieces to the gym all week, alternating combinations with my current wardrobe. Whether in spin, yoga, boxing or pilates, the garments held true to keeping me cool and limber both figuratively and literally: just as an aside, I have never recieved more admiring stares from both men and women in my life – what a difference taking pride in your look at the gym makes ;).

Ready to train!

Ready to train!

Unlike the shapeless leggings currently lingering in my wardrobe, my Zannas did not not sag or lose shape after having a few cycles in the wash.

This movement-friendly sleek range was started by my amazing friend Noa Ries – a triathlete, marathon runner, and fitness adoring young mother form Bondi; as well as her lovely husband Bryan, a former professional extreme skier and backcountry ski guide, snowboarder, cyclist and triathlete was raised between the West Coast of the US and France!

Thus, combining chic Parisian style with the trendy vibe of Bondi, what started as a humble pursuit to their own fitness needs in a stylish way evolved into a media-frenzied collection that has last week been picked up by David Jones.

“As a personal trainer I realised, when I was still in my exercise clothing at 4pm one day, that there had to be functional fitness clothes other than lycra, that would let me still feel fashionable and chic but that could handle the intensity of a tough workout,” Noa told me.

“We carefully select every element that is incorporated into our products, as we feel that quality doesn’t just come from the way a garment looks, but also how it feels. Our fabrics provide the ultimate in comfort, while technical print techniques offer luxurious sleekness.”

To look your best at the gym, perform better and get behind a smart brand favoured by celebs such as Erika Heynaetz and Megan Gale and visit David Jones or www.vieactivewear.com.

Image via @_jendeleon looking on point at @thembh and @surflodge for @vieactive.


February 10
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When I think ‘day spa’, I think fluffy towels, soft glow candles and an Enya soundtrack playing in the background. Generally, it’s a chick-only zone that only the bravest and most strung out male visitors would dare enter between a particularly gruelling business trip itinerary.

So when I ‘drag’ my male companion along to Six Star Spa for a couples treatment – and he exhales an impressed sigh of relief at the black, sleek and understated decor, I know I’ve brought him to the right place.

Stunning black tiling, luxe gilted finishes and installations, moody lighting and lush dark upholstery ensure that from the waiting room to the treatment room, the ambiance remains grown up, elegant and luxuriously unisex. It’s chic and stylish, yet welcomingly so. Masculinity and femininity co-exist in a perfect balance of weight and texture, ensuring that both men and women feel equally at home in this decadent and easy space.


We were led into a gorgeously lit and darkened space, like a midnight fantasy of sleek tiles and sensuous textures to get our feet bathed side by side, using the most aromatic and nourishing salts and ingredients. What a fabulous touch – there is something about having your feet washed that is both humbling and serene, creating the perfect segue from the stresses of the outside world into the escapism of the oriental-inspired, regal haven.

We are left make our way to the adjacent his’n’hers massage tables and then our wonderful therapists enter, quiet as geishas, and an hour and a half long massage begins. I get lost in a swirl of delicious music, soothing strokes and fragrant aromatherapy aromas. Allegedly, my boyfriend spends that time thinking about work. The minutes drift away to other worlds and a relaxation unlike any other drops right in – for both of us.

Within a timeless gasp, the massage is over (where did that 90 minutes go?) and we are left to limber up the muscles further in the treatment room’s private sauna. It is the perfect way to ensure that the massages limbic effects are everlasting. We are left to steam it up, anywhere between 10-40 minutes, calling in the second segment of the treatment with the eventual tinkle of a small bell. Our ‘geishas’ saunter back in and our faces recieve the same treatment as our bodies – intuitive strokes, exceptional products and the warm mental after-glow of being pampered. We finish the experience with a refreshing drink (herbal tea for me, water with lemon for him) to ease us back into our day.


So here’s three big reasons why I – and my man – found the experience exceptional and different from other day-spas:

1. The decor – moody, masculine, ambient, sensual, elegant and grown up. A man will feel like a king, a woman like a priestess.

2. The location – central, yet tucked away in a quite gorgeous street in Pyrmont with plenty of parking. A limousine pick up and drop off service is also available. Yep, you read right.

3. The afterglow – relaxation and rejuvenation time, alone or with your significant other is an important part of modern thriving. So often men especially view massage as a functional thing. Adding an element of luxury gives a welcome dimension to the experience – and allows the treatment’s benefits to have a more holistic effect on the mind as well as the body.

Anything that is beyond routine and good for the soul will connect you back to the basics and bond you closer as a couple in todays busy world… And who’s not down for that?

To check out the treatment menu for both personal and corporate packages, check out the Six Star Spa website and mention Reviewed. By Alina B when you book to get 10% towards your treatment.


Suite G.02,
55 Miller St, Pyrmont
NSW 2009 Australia
+(61) 2 9660 191