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December 27

So I am kind of a sunscreen skeptic.

Growing up in sunny Ukraine (not), we never needed it. And when I came to Australia, the sun-worship took hold with poor quality baby oil or the slightly less ridiculous tanning oil with an SPF of 5.

I wasn’t too keen to read skin cancer statistics and laughed off premature ageing stories as the result of hedonistic booze-fuelled lifestyles.

After all, how can the glorious sun be bad for you!?

But a blazing and dangerous star it is – and last week I had a suspicious looking mole removed myself. Suddenly, the stats felt real.

According to the Cancer Council, skin cancers account for around 80% of all newly diagnosed cancers. Think about what that means, in terms of precedence. And between 95 and 99% of skin cancers are caused by exposure to the sun.

I used to think statistics like this were exaggerated only to encore us to buy sunscreens at the hands of phantom pharmaceutical companies. How wrong I was. Sure, short bursts of cream-free sun exposure where you are only in the sun for 15 minutes at a time are best (although I am sure some doctors would challenge me on even that opinion).

Yet during the quintessential Aussie summer, such measured bursts are almost impossible. I’m taking about long days boating, surfing, playing cricket or just wiling away the scorching hours on your beach towel with a good book. Like naughty kids (and normal humans), we are going to do defy some sensibilities and worship at the throne of sun exposure because it just feels so darn good. And when we make that choice, thank Lorde we cover up.

Now that I’m over 20 (ahem), the thought of lying in the sun without protection cream is incomprehensible. It’s not that I am even bowing down to vanity – I just don’t like the terrible sensation of feeling burnt. A thick and luscious cream provides a physical and psychological insulation against me and my nearest blazing star. I can enjoy, but with caution. None of us can assume that we’re invincible to its potent life giving yet destructive powers.

For many many years now, NIVEA SUN has been my genuine sunscreen of choice. I like its happy yellow and blue bottle, yummy texture and pleasant smell. Low SPF coconut oil long forgotten, it’s now the new, more sensible scent I associate with summer.

When NIVEA SUN contacted me out of the blue to check out their latest video, I smiled at that delicious irony. But of course!

Check it out here – because I think you’ll thoroughly enjoy it.

Full of fabulous sentimental summer imagery, it’s the perfect anti-dote to the rainy December days we’ve been having lately!

Best of all, it drives home the important message of sun care by giving beach goers an honest glimpse at their skin through an ultra-violet camera. When it protects and when it does not. And the cream protects. You can see it working.

When the proof is in the pudding, one can almost imagine a whole afternoon frolicking and living in the sun, guilt free – because we’ve taken care to cream up. Check out the NIVEA Facebook page for more information.

*This post has been sponsored by NIVEA SUN, but all thoughts and experiences are my own.