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December 20
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When I was in my 20s, I drowned in the abyss  of my own spirituality. The physical world wasn’t delivering on its hedonistic promise and my attempts to claim a guy or look more f***able dimmed in comparison with my more astute and glamorous social rivals.  Thus, esoteric work brimmed with possibility, a solace from rejection and a frontier into a world much vaster than my own. Shamanism, energy grids or chanting ancient Sanskrit hymns and Goddess invocations were ‘the keys to the kingdom’, a palace of enlightenment from which I hoped to return ‘home’ more electric and awake.


October 26

I have endlessly been fascinated by meditation and, at various times of my journey either revered or craved its benefits. When I do it, life is flowing and amazing, like I’m starring in the movie Limitless.

When I don’t, I am so busy I forget – and life takes on a dullness and an urgency where the first thing on my mind is the panicked thought that I need to fit more in.


April 30
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My recognition of the ‘essential feminine‘  has long informed my spiritual roots in a hedonism-inspired world.

A connection to something deep helps me recognise the art and beauty in every aspect of my life; in experiences, new things and conversations. A connection to the divine feminine illuminates everything, from marriages, to child-rearing to adding to life’s masterpiece with our own creations. It is what gives fashion and luxury its soulful mysteries, elevating it from a consumer juggernaut.