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October 26

I have endlessly been fascinated by meditation and, at various times of my journey either revered or craved its benefits. When I do it, life is flowing and amazing, like I’m starring in the movie Limitless.

When I don’t, I am so busy I forget – and life takes on a dullness and an urgency where the first thing on my mind is the panicked thought that I need to fit more in.


July 2
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I have not always been a fan of devotional music, or rather, maintained the mood for it. My lifestyle called for deep trance or ambient house as a go-to backdrop to my daily mobile tasks. However that all changed when I heard Mel Dobra regal odes to the Universe in that rich and sensual voice, I had to have my fix.


May 14
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There is nothing I love more than spending Sundays at my parents’ house.

The exquisitely tended garden, abundance of good food and lively conversation are a great way to make up for lost time when I disdained it all as a rebellious teenager!

Here is to celebrating the simple pleasures of sunshine, home grown herbs and investing in the glue and bond that is our bloodline.

May every day Sunday be this magic!

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Wearing Don’t Ask Amanda blouse, Costume National jumper, Liberated Heart leggings and vintage boots.


January 17
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Goddess Tea by Tea Temple: a premium black scented tea, rose, jasmine, lotus, orange blossom.

I sit down and inhale the steaming hot aroma; first naked and without the secure sustenance of milk.
A balmy, spiced sweetness emanates as fragrance. It overcomes my senses with a delicate and inviting haze.
I sip. A flavour that is both mystical and tempting. The dance of flavour continues long after I swallow.
My mind wanders, hit with intoxication. I add milk.
An aromatic hedonism that conjures deviance. A fusion of secrets and untoward ideas swirl inside my head.
This tea is uplifting, soothing and electrifying.
Delicious, ultimately enjoyed with milk and a mental fantasy.
I buy 5 to give to all my friends.

Visit Tea Temple and order your own personal tea journey… I look forward to your experience.