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July 2
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I have not always been a fan of devotional music, or rather, maintained the mood for it. My lifestyle called for deep trance or ambient house as a go-to backdrop to my daily mobile tasks. However that all changed when I heard Mel Dobra regal odes to the Universe in that rich and sensual voice, I had to have my fix.


January 28
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She’s breathy and thoughtful, yet lightheartedly ethereal. She’s mystical and drop dead gorgeous.

Indeed, Appleonia has fallen from the sky, the mythical manifestation of chanteuse, actress and songwriter Jessica Chapnik Kahn.

As she so aptly tracks her own creative phoenix rising on her website:

One day she woke. She remembered. And she was Appleonia.

Her poetic prose and reflective visions point to a sharp, insightful intellect that has led to collaborations with Ben Lee, Nadav Kahn (her husband and an equally esteemed musician), The Vines and Nash Edgerton. While Appleonia’s lyrical journey explores awakening and a more conscious way of living, she remains decidedly modern despite flirtations with the esoteric. In fact, this is music to relax to on a Sunday afternoon, as much as it could (and should!) spur on your own existential inquiry.

Appleonia’s new album OH was written and recorded in various studios between Sydney and Los Angeles. It features the musical contributions of Ben Lee, Nicholas Johns (The Motels), Ian Ball (Gomez), Jimmy Tamborello (The Postal Service), El May and Nadav Kahn (Gelbison, Kahn Brothers). It’s lyrically rich and melodically uplifting. It is also philanthropically aligned, which makes me all the more excited to share it with you in Reviewed:

Vittoria Coffee will donate 3 meals per download to OzHarvest. And exceptionally generously, downloads are free.

As Appleonia told to my friends at Soul Sessions,
“Everyone gets to be a part of a generous process. I get to share my music, Vittoria Coffee essentially buys you an album, OzHarvest feeds more people, and audiences get to receive and give by downloading the record.”

If you are looking for music that moves you, Appleonia’s album OH will affect you on multiple levels. A soundtrack to entertain and unwind, a subliminal tryst to open you – and a benevolent gesture that gives back three-fold – and expects nothing in return.

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