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January 20
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Zakay Glass Creations stardust sculptures go beyond the buzzwords that dominate good design – hand crafted, elegant sleek, and stylish.

They are all of those things; yet exceeding this accolade is the simple yet astounding fact that their composition is always based on sacred geometric codes – the Fibonacci number sequence that makes up most genius architecture and design tenets of our times – and forms the foundations of the natural world.

Seashells, flowers, snowflakes, our DNA… all encompass the symmetries of the ‘golden ratio‘… It is no wonder that everyone from Da Vinci to the ancient Greeks were inspired by it’s brilliance.

So what does this possession mean for the home, office and other living sanctuaries?
Usually, the presence of a mesmerising home-jewel that is both decorative and meditative.

Gracing the grandest corporate

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foyers and the most stellar celebrity homes, this is exceptional for a brand that is almost accidental in origin and hails from a small studio in rural Byron Bay.
The creations were born out of thin air when Israeli glass artist Asaf Zakay couldn’t stop making tetrahedron glass stars ‘for fun’ in the modest kitchen of his home. Upon arriving to Australia, Zakay and business partner Samaya took their sculptures to the local market, where an enlightened passer-by informed the stunned couple to their trinkets’ geometric genius.

Since then, the business pair have held host to some of the most revered experts and artists on this matter in the world, as well as lending their stunning pieces to revered galleries and festivals around the world.

With each piece being a handcrafted investment, the owner becomes immediately privy to a luxurious and grand focal point in their space that subtly heals, inspires and transforms – and not to mention, impresses visitors and passers-by.

Available as lamps and sculptures or as an understated sacred jewellery range, it is no longer just your home that can be illuminated.
Dare display one in a room and watch what happens…

To view the sculpture, lighting and jewellery collection, visit: www.zakayglasscreations.com