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March 1
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I know what I’m going to say is probably going to sound crazy and unrealistic, but please go with me.I know life presents us with an endless stream of commitments that doesn’t always leave much room for hedonism and fun.

But I did have this zany idea…

What if, for a whole month, we only did those things that gave us bliss?

Instantly, a chill went down my spine. A concept of a month of pleasure.

This means really questioning a commitment before you just dive in:

– will I totally bliss out in doing this?
– do I have to do it at all?
– what would I rather be doing?
– can I make it fun?
– what would be the flow on effect of this activity in my life?This last question is vital.Because the mind can get all hatey and be like ‘boo! A month of pleasure is just about eating cake and lying on the couch for weeks – no thanks!’. Or worse, ‘Pleasure! Pah, you wish! I have two little kids to feed and a business to run. Go take this silly idea to people who have nothing better to do. A month of pleasure my bottom..!’But to your spirit, nothing could be further from the truth.
 The pleasure principle means that you’re present, devoted and having more fun. And that can extend anywhere.When I am in my daily shower, I sprinkle essential oils on the floor and play some sing-out-loud songs.

When I drive, I listen to more new Spotify playlists and take a lovelier route where possible. I don’t rush anywhere anymore… and when I order that divine meal I want, I eat it slowly. I love being outdoors, so when I write, I do so outside, in parks and on the beach.

Life is nice, my mood is better. When I’m with others I’m focused on the moment and on my body. Nothing else.

So this last week has just been a practice round – for the month of March, why don’t we try it all together?

Here is my pleasure list is below for your perusal.

To opt in to this initiative, write back to this email 
YES PLEASE… and share with me some of your new ideas.
My hunches tell me – only good can come of this. Let’s go!
1.The salty smell of the ocean
2. Blue sea waters and skies
3. Sunrise on the beach
4. Sunset on the beach
5. The stillness of forests
6. Babies. Their giggles. Their playfulness
7. Essential oils
8. Getting glammed up
9. Capturing a cool picture on my iPhone
10. Lush fabrics and textures
11. Singing
12. Dancing to awesome music
13. Drumming
14. Reading fashion mags, books and blogs
15. Talking to people about their love lives (always!)
16. Sexy time and cuddles (but of course…)
Can’t wait to hear what makes you sing.
* image via Ellen Von Unwerth for Vogue