November 7

It’s hard to escape Santorini’s beauty _ all aziruan skies, bell-domed cobalt churches and washes of white that perch on volcanic hilltops like heavenly clouds. And it’s easy to stop there – lost in the legend of a million postcards, stories and once-in-a lifetime views.

Still, if your only sojourn would be into Oia’s or Fira’s dreamy streetscapes, you’d be missing out.
Santoniri is beautiful. I get it. But you have to look beyond those Instsgrammable walls, past the even the donkey droppings and picturesque port into an island rich in prehistoric history. 

Santorini is so beautiful that it’s easy to miss her other gifts. The wine industry, barren yet fertile vegetation and, most beguilingly a volcanic legacy that spurred the demise of the whole Spartan civilisation (or so legend goes). There’s the opportunity to steal the gastronomical secrets from a local ya-ya. Or the ancient city of Akrotiri that shows our ancestors 3000 years ago lived in apartments, had flushing toilets and had a penchant for erotic robes. 


My advice? 

Stay do a tour with Your Greek Friend. You’ll get the most wonderful day of stories, secrets, anecdotes and great conversation with Dimitri and Ruth, a warm, worldly pair with great wit and a most intimate knowledge of the island. Wander through off-the-grid villages, indulge in a wine tasting and learn about the island’s genuine life with the locals (and why they build so many churches – currently, Santorini houses about 600).

Other must do’s? 

Treat yourself to a day on the boat with Santorini Yachting Club and enjoy the island-famous Rose, a meal of whatever is your fancy and quintessential lounge tunes as you go agog at that unforgettable Santorini sunset.


In short, Santorini is the portal to an ancient and a beautiful place that more than deserves its legend… but not for reasons you might think. 

Reviewed | by Alina B stayed at Andronis Boutique Hotel (and loved every second).