November 16

Spontaneity. Saying yes.

To lean into the impromptu and surrender to a moment as it flows all starts with a simple word.


So when is the last time you gave yourself permission to seriously let go?

Agreed to a last minute drink with a handsome stranger… Or let an afternoon roll into an evening as you chased the setting sun?

Small bits of delicious recklessness tied up with the mystery of living – no matter where the exploration takes you, I believe that life is elevated through absolving into new experiences.

So it’s with my great delight that Chandon inspires this very aesthetic with their new campaign with The Trend Spotter.


#LiveLifeUnplanned follows Dasha and Colin Gold of The Trend Spotter on their daily lives as they hop across countries to cover the hottest Fashion Weeks in Australia, New York, London, Milan and Paris. It all started with a “yes” and a strong desire to be free from the daily grind to live in the now which led to embracing the present and all it has to offer.
An unplanned life leaves you breathless and such is the premise behind this aspired Chandon collaboration. As the only sparking specialist with French heritage, rebellion is their veins, underpinned by a charm and authenticity of Old World French Heritage.

Watch this short film with The Trend Spotter, who have a thirst for exploring the unknown – and escape into their unique brand of effervescence. Tres belle.

Follow #LiveLifeUnplanned and create your own moment. What are you doing today?



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This post is sponsored by the good people at Chandon, but all musings are my own.