December 10
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Choose love over fear.

Here’s a novel new age concept, promising a life of rainbow-infused nirvana – yet possibly one of the hardest things in our humanity to achieve.

What if you’re deep in the throes of anxiety, just after someone has debased your spirit as the bus of life showers you with puddle-dust before it’s 9am?

While most of us would justifiably go about plotting our enemies’ demise, Melissa Ambrosini refuses to drink the negativity cool aid.

The effervescent personal development teacher may know as well as the rest that life has its shit-bombs, yet she just refuses to degrade herself to the mental states that only 6 years ago, saw her hit proverbial rock bottom.

“I was sick, I was in hospital and I couldn’t see a way out,” she remembers over a rooibos tea she refills at languid intervals. “My life was about partying, performing and pandering to fake friends.” And her body had enough.

Lying in the hospital bed with a variety of immune disorders (one that saw her perfect Italian-heritage face break out in hives), she inhaled the pages of a Louise Hay self-care tome, You Can Heal Your Life – and hasn’t looked back (or threw back alcoholic tipple since).

The difference between Melissa however, and millions of other personal development junkies, is that Melissa plays it massive. Impassioned to reclaim her strength, she threw herself head-first into healing literature (“I read anything I could get my hands on”), studied health and wellness coaching, completed a yoga teacher training and pursued studies in meditation and AcuEnergitics. She also  kept her diet impeccable and hasn’t had a drink (or eaten sugar) since 2010.

Personal development teacher Melissa Ambrosini

Personal development teacher Melissa Ambrosini

Over the years, I’ve marvelled (and continue as such) at her commitment. “Melissa you NEVER have a drink?” I gape in bemusement when feeling dusty after a roaring night before. “No – never!” She’d always beam. “It just doesn’t feel good!”

“And Mel.. You NEVER have a coffee??”

“No, why would I?! Coffee makes me feel like CRAP. Besides, rooibos is delicious!”

When I visit her for delicious earthy meals in her gorgeous home, it’s usually slow roasted shanks that fall off the bone, infused in a colourful melange of vegetables and flavours. I always take mental snaps of her impeccable and stylish table layout, sprinkled with flowers and perfectly rolled napkins held together with pretty raffia string.

Thus, with this constant care and attentive detail, Melissa’s message shines an honest light for those wavering on a path to wellness. She makes it fun instead of dready; full of excitement, not denial as we take the obvious and necessary no-brainers towards a happy life.

Over the years, I would observe incredible jumps and leaps in her confidence and productivity. Mel started hosting talks and penning national columns, garnering a following of devoted and beaming followers, sometimes by thousands at a time. I noticed an absence of jealous internet trolls on her feed, a by-product of so many other social personalities that seem to fluidly evade her.

Mel has a thriving business that majorly helps women, and a solid marriage based on reverence and love. The outer shell is clearly not too shabby either, judging by a plethora of past-life modelling and dancing gigs that led her to can-can her soul out at the Moulin Rouge.

Although she makes it look and feel so easy, Melissa has made the biggest sacrifice of all by choosing to remain conscious every single day. Whether she wants to complain or cry, or when her ‘mean girl’ threatens to consume her – Melissa chooses a more loving, higher inner path.

Mel knows the other, darker road all too well – and everything she has created since has been in reverence to this more focused and devoted attitude. It’s a daily muscle to be flexed when erring on the side of fragile humanness, the sacrifice and cessation of addiction and distraction that not many others are willing to make… but it’s her life that gains value and firm meaning in the process.

And finally… Melissa wrote a book.

I’ve read it (twice) and I think it’s a profound life changer. While simply written, it’s made me a kinder, softer person who’s even willing to give more rooibos tea a try.

Mastering Your Mean Girl is Mel’s wish is for women to realise how truly magnificent we are, own our worth, step up and live life to your soul’s desires.

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