April 30
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My recognition of the ‘essential feminine‘  has long informed my spiritual roots in a hedonism-inspired world.

A connection to something deep helps me recognise the art and beauty in every aspect of my life; in experiences, new things and conversations. A connection to the divine feminine illuminates everything, from marriages, to child-rearing to adding to life’s masterpiece with our own creations. It is what gives fashion and luxury its soulful mysteries, elevating it from a consumer juggernaut.

This ‘goddess power‘ thing we hear about – rarely do we have a chance to actually embody it. Whatever we experience in our world is a result of being unearthed, and disconnected from our primal power. Until now.

I met Sarah Singing Raven (or Sarah Luna as she’s known to me) almost 10 years ago, when I was a lost and anxiety ridden young woman, stuggling to make my way into the adult world (yet with plenty of front to show for it). I was instantly struck by her soothing power, my mind exclaiming ‘this is woman!’ before I knew even what that truly was.

An initiated medicine woman, she has been leading ceremonies and transformational workshops internationally since 1997. She is a stunning and very grounded bridge between ancient mysteries and modern maladies. And she has earned her stripes – Sarah has lived with native Elders in North America for seven years, undergoing the vigorous rites of passage connected to the embodiment path.

Having gone on to do various ceremonies with Sarah myself, I have found myself cleansed, elevated and anew. I matured with each experience and I simply loved to watch her – how she laughed, moved and danced, chatted with her friends and created such a safe container for the group. Her grounded energy instantly communicated “you can depend on me”.  She has enriched my life so much… and then she disappeared.

For years, I have been seeking the Sarah Singing Raven retreat to no avail… and felt a certain potency, being back in Sydney, was missing from my life. Even though I tried yoga, mediation and even chakra dance, but there was  magic of the soul I couldn’t quite reclaim.

My beautiful friend, Sarah Singing Raven.

My beautiful friend, Sarah Singing Raven.

Then, out of the blue (as all these goddess shamans tend to)  Sarah contacted me last week about her new sacred feminine Sydney retreat. I got goosebumps of excitement, knowing already what would be (and more) on the other end of me being in the space with her and all the sisters again. But more so I thought, why couldn’t more of us modern Sydney women do it?

This is what so many of us completely crave – a getaway, a stop, a respite… a golden opportunity to earth ourselves and uncover our primordial power. When we improve, everything improves.

To understand more of what will happen at Sarah’s retreat (and how all you personally could benefit from it), I sat her down for a few questions I knew you’d be dying to ask. Read on and learn – this will be illuminating…

REVIEWED BY ALINA B: Sarah – why are you running this retreat?

Sarah Singing Raven: Deep down there is an uncertainty and a self-doubt in women.

This comes from us missing an important piece of the puzzle; the Sacred Teachings of the Feminine.  These teachings have been absent for hundreds of years from our culture.  It’s time for that to change so that we can bring our natural, joyful, brilliant feminine power and vision shining into the world with more ease.  The world certainly needs it….plus life is way more fun that way.

I hear you sister! What is it that the North American Indian women taught you that makes you want to share it with modern women?

Us modern women are in a fantastically privileged and powerful position to create our dreams and contribute to the well-being of the world in extraordinary ways, according to our individual visions.

The world needs our voices, our creative solutions, and the beauty of what we see is possible.

But… most of us struggle.

These teachings from the North American Grandmothers are a Universal Truth belonging to all women.

These teachings turned it all around for me and became the foundation of my genuine self-esteem and ability to act effectively and from a place of warm power in the world. And, I have since seen it do the same for the many, many women who have experienced this work.

Some would say it’s our birthright to know these things.

What drew you to study with these magical women in the first place?

When I finished university in Scotland I had the travel bug and went to live in New York City – an interesting enough place to live and make further money for travel.  From there I bought a car, hit the road and ran out of cash in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where I stopped to live and work again.  While living there in the gorgeous desert I met a half-Cherokee/Gypsy woman who was teaching a Tarot class – Mari Red Moon Rising.  She was powerful, relaxed, smart, doing what she loved and very beautiful.  I wanted what she had!

That’s how I felt when I met you, Sarah! So where do you see modern women being out of their power; what is causing this; and more importantly, what is the solution?

Let’s face it – we live in an insane debt cycle on a rat-wheel that seems to have the accelerator pedal jammed on!.

What are the opportunities for women to breathe – let alone become financially independent, in any age of their life?  Sure, some will.  But they are exceptions and the price is often huge.

I want to address what’s here now – and that’s all of us, wanting to live an enjoyable worthwhile life and be good people.

To strive to succeed in life in a masculine way (the ‘normal’ way) leads a woman to an ultimately exhausting dry experience of life, sacrificing a lot of herself in the process.

To attempt the same thing from the seat of understanding the rhythms of her feminine power leads a woman to greater and greater juiciness, inspiration, energy and self-mastery – all key ingredients to success in our modern world, and a lot more pleasurable.

Another aspect of our journey to our feminine power is to remedy the Nature Deficit that we all suffer from.  When was the last time your feet actually touched the soil of the earth – not concrete, pavement, carpet or floorboards?

So in our retreat we don’t want to be distracted by 5 star accommodation (although we have millions of stars at night in the mountains) so our accommodation is simple, rustic and nurturing.

We take you back to your first sleep over, sleeping in snug bunks.

We have likewise priced the retreat to be accessible, and much more grounded.

Our food is of course organic, nourishing and clean.  Every element of the retreat is designed to support your experience of embracing your distinctive beauty, love and power.

Why is feminine energy important to embody?

Because we are female.

BTW I’m not being facetious – think about it!

What can we expect to shift in society if more women are in their power? How will it affect money, work, child rearing, love?

I think it’s fair to say that the world stage currently reflects the natural results of a situation where women haven’t been operating from their full feminine power.

Whatever the reasons for that may be, it seems that we – you and I – have the opportunity to change that and bring some balance.  Some necessary Yin to Senor Yang.

Women’s inherent nature is to cooperate and share, not compete; to nourish, not to raid or profit from.  I don’t see a National Defence Council of 50 year old women (the average age of men currently holding senior positions) starting many wars!

Don’t get me wrong , I love our men and deeply respect the masculine principle.  This is about finding our balance together – it seems all our lives depend on it!

It’s time that men actually met a lot more women in their power.

They would enjoy us more, there would be more polarity and affection.  In that new polarity we create a conduit for real love, genuine deep understanding of one another and total sizzling respect.

From there we empower one another’s dreams and create a world that works!

This is the world I live in.

If someone is totally new to this work, what can they expect to gain from your retreat?

I think the first thing that everyone gets is a superb aerial view of their life.  With that comes an opportunity to finesse certain things – like their direction in life and their fundamental approach to living life.

As much as I can describe the experience of the Sacred Feminine Power workshop to you, there’s nothing quite like hearing from the actual participants…so I guess if I was to put in a nutshell the most common themes in the feedback testimonials from the women that come through the workshop it would be this: these immensely practical teachings plant a seed in women to be more self-caring, even more daring and to feel so much more alive as a woman, grounded, living her dreams from a place of full and delicious natural power.

If someone already meditates, does yoga and goddess cards, what can they expect from your retreat?

Anyone already doing these three things is in a prime position to take full advantage of this work.

It sounds to me like they want to put the pedal to the metal in their lives in a smart and elegant way, to ignite their own fuse from a place of spirit.  They want to turn themselves ON.

What kind of things will we do on your retreat?

There are 2 answers to this, and often it’s easier to answer what we don’t do on this retreat:

  • This is not New Age flaky hippy stuff, nor is it an intellectual abstract spiritual process.  These are ancient teachings from a living lineage that immediately empower your everyday life.
  • There are no feel-good sessions with no substance.
  • You will not walk away with a folder full of notes to put on top of your cupboard and forget.  We have unique ways of putting the teachings into your cells, not your note book.

The other answer of course – which sounds cute – is come and find out.  For $320, in 48hours you will have the answer.

I will let out just one small secret – the ancient powerful women used dance to integrate the big lessons of life.  You can expect a bit of that.

What is the biggest misconception about this work that you’d like to clear up?

The biggest misconception that I’d like to clear up is where your power actually does come from.

Without exception, everyone is surprised when they find out the answer to that.

Give three compelling reasons why sassy Sydney women should come to the retreat!

  1. According to my map, Sydney is a small town.  They are going to become sassy global Earth women.
  2. Every one of us harbours a belief that there is something wrong with us.
    We bust that myth and return you to your natural power.
  3. Sassy is not enough. We need to deepen our connection with the real power in our lives.  We do this in a beautiful natural setting in the Blue Mtns.  Many of our participants say it’s a relief to put down their mascara for a weekend and pick up where savvy leaves off. Savvy is fun.  But it’s also hard work – and it’s not enough.

The Sydney Weekend Retreat runs Friday 15th – 17th May and is $320, all inclusive. Bookings essential – to register now email

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