November 4

I was never much of a devout home cook (until now) and to be frank, most of my attempts have been a hit and miss affair. As soul-enriching as the accolades towards my hits, I just can’t hack the usual preparation, thought and planning that goes into mealtimes (or let alone, the biochemical accuracy of frying up the perfect piece of steak).

And so it’s with sweet delight that I discover Marley Spoon – a meal prep and delivery service that brings you everything you need to create easy meals off their decadent weekly menus. Market fresh ingredients for your chosen meals are delivered to your door and Culinary Director Olivia Andrews creates seven new recipes for you every week, each tried and tested so you know they work and are full of flavour – with market-fresh seasonal produce that’s source organic and sustainable whenever possible. Simple step-by-step instructions make it easy to have dinner on the table in no time, even if you’re me. All you need to do is select your meals and everything is (pretty much) done for you.

Not quite believing my luck that someone will do the shopping for me – I choose the Spiced Rump Steak Naani, Pickled Fennel and Radish for Tuesday’s dinner and Artichoke and Carrot Fritters with Beans and Peas for Friday’s lunch. Within days, my bag of treats arrived by a very gentlemanly delivery service and I get myself cooking.

The Spiced Rump Steak Naani dish requires that I (thinly!) slice vegetables, make marinade, pickle, toast and fry up a rather tender and delicious peace meat (the quality of the ingredients really rises to attention here – its flawless). Then, the said piece of meat is to be sliced and arranged artfully on top of pickled vegetables on a warmed up naani bread and finished off with a few dollops of delectable aoli – just like in the picture. It’s juicy, succulent and tastes delicious.

I did run out of marinade (one more lime could have done) and ceased to eat the bread half way through my wrap (hello – wedding in 5 weeks!) but overall it was super and delicious dinner.

My next dish was the vege fritters and all the ingredients kept in the fridge beautifully. This dish was also rather therapeutic to make (is that only because I don’t cook much?), with all that tranced-out carrot grating. As I never made a patty cake of this nature before, mine were somewhat clumsy – but I simply need to take less mixture per patty next time. My man couldn’t believe that what he was eating a vegetarian meal, so flavourosme it was. I will definitely keep this dish in mind for when I need a lighter mid-week option.

I am excited by Marley Spoon, especially as their recipes are always changing and the quality of their ingredients is so fresh. I will definitely be using them again. My only suggestion would be to have more paleo options as most dishes have a solid rice / wheat / bread base.With a few more lighter dishes, I would certainly rate them a 10 /10.