March 4
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As I look outside, the air is crisp and the day is glorious.

However, Sydney has been at the chaotic, delicious mercy of a two-day rain offload and it inspired me to jot down the following post.

Seeing my friends’ Instagram posts, yesterday was spent cuddling in bed and watching corny movies. Score! But despite the respite from our schedules, wet weekends can often be a time for morose moping, or god forbid, being bored.

To me, having nothing to do on a rainy day (and with winter coming up, we have a formidable stretch of these ahead) is a glorious lack of creative energy!

With so much juice and stimulation out there in terms of culture, music, understanding galaxies and underwater worlds, nurturing plants and harvesting your dreams, a weekend lockdown is a blessed time to catch up on your life and refuel your inner world in general.

When I can’t leave the house (for too long anyway), here are some of my favourite things to do.

1. Edit and style up your wardrobe

Seldom do we actually need new clothes. With some clever closet curating (and a good time spent perusing Pinterest), you can come up with some sharp new outfit combinations that don’t need extra card-swipes to be realised.

Write or photograph these outfits down, then organise your clothes in useful sections – yes, be anal and theme and colour code that sheeit. Tops, singlets, dresses, jumpers, coats, shoes, bags, belt, sunnies and jewels: same-same stuff gets hung together.

Voila – no more wearing that crumpled striped shirt off the floor! You now have a list of top hot 10 outfit ideas well within arms reach.

Found on buzzfeed.com

Found on buzzfeed.com

Get more inspo here:

2. Reread the classics

There is something both escapist and indulgent about a novel. Day to day, we’re more prone to consume blogs, reports, downloads, podcasts, and more factual how-to readings. There’s visual escapism through Instagram and Pinterest, but what about poetic stimulus for the mind?

When it next rains, forget trawling through fashion, news and shopping sites for hours on end – re-read your favourite book or discover a new masterpiece.

Pick something that energises your imagination (that means, put down the mindless chick-lit).

A bit of Dickens, Austen, Shakespeare and Bronte fires off those dignified brain neurons in the same way classical music does.

Not into the classics?

For equal beauty and literary verbosity (yet of a more contemporary touch), get into Shantaram (again if you have to) or anything from Oscar Wilde. Heck, even indulge in edge of your seat thrills from John Grisham or Gillian Flynn or read a fascinating business, fashion or adventure biography.

Point is – lose yourself in a book!

3. Make a vision board 

A weekend of self-imposed lockdown is a wonderful opportunity to curate your life.

Start creating tear sheets from old magazines and store them in a manila folder or themed accordion file (travel, dream home, people I want to meet – you get it). Think of it as old-school Pinterest.

Rip out pics of clothes you want to wear, places you want to go, people who inspire you and culture you want to explore – because who knows, one day you just might.

Until then, arrange it in a collage!

This exercise is even more potent than just pinning it because you are investing physical energy to help things manifest.

Found on theeverygirl.com

Found on theeverygirl.com

Look at it and refer to it – this seriously fast tracks your life.

It’s nice to remind yourself of all the things you deserve and desire – and trust through your acknowledgment that the Universe will bring them to you.

Because it will.

4. Have a fragrance party + a bath

Now this has gotta be one of my favourites.

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ soak as the rain drops are dripping outside?

Light your candles, set up your speakers, arrange your crystals and drape your scarves. Hang up that ‘do not disturb sign’ and hide your mobile phone.

Voila – you have a sanctuary!

I used to love reading in the bath, but now I just sit there and ruminate. Try – you’ll get some great ideas!

If you don’t have a bath in your home, splash some scented oils on the shower floor, run the water hot and gloriously inhale! Then, put candles in your bedroom (mind the curtains of course) for some apres atmosphere and pampering.

Now, meditate, make your collage and moisturise and massage your fine bod with some more fragrant oils – it’s therapy.

5. Make some art

Frankly, I don’t care if you suck at it. Art is life and we all need an outlet.

Remember when you were a kid? Yep, you liked doodling, crafting and making up silly songs and rhymes for no good reason. It’s fucking natural to us.

Don’t be so dang busy that you forget.

Found on etsy.com

Found on etsy.com

So write a poem – and make it anguished or silly. Rhyme about the minutia of your day or the biggest woe-point of your life.

Or get out a sketchpad and just doodle what’s in front of you. Or, put on a song and rap your own lyrics over the top.

Seriously, I don’t care. Just be silly, deep, joyful or subversive and make up something that makes you feel alive.

6. Make new playlists

Much like Pinterest, Spotify is totes a place where one can wile away the hours.

Really, the work is done for you. Type in key words or appreciate spin-offs from tracks you already like… and get lost in your musical discovery.

I love, love being taken on a joyride of new music – then naturally, filing it into categories and rapping over the top.

make new playlists

7. Cook for friends or cook for the week

No more eating tuna on the run (is that just me)?

This weekend is a fabuloso time to make big batches of soups and stews and lasagnes and kibbeh and whatever your hungry heart desires.

Not knowing how to cook is no excuse. There’s you tube or Jamie Oliver for that.

If you’re an eater-outer, then practice an amazing dish that requires a few tries, then serve it smugly to your food-snob friends this week.

8. Spend time with other humans

If they can be bothered to brave the cyclones and come your way (lest of all, on their fixies), invite your favourite peeps over for a tea (or wine, if you insist) and cook, mix drinks and rock those silly, open hearted conversations.

If you must engage technologically, listen to each other’s playlists or watch a daggy movie (can be good fuel to reminisce).

Found on sakaralife.com

Found on sakaralife.com


9. Indulge your spiritual side 

Whether you’re into it or not, our lovely souls at times do need a little nourishment.

And giving your c-card a flexing on shopbop.com just doesn’t quite cut it!

Listening to our soul / inner voice / authentic self is what makes our dream life flourish. So hang up your ever-unsatisfied ego for the weekend and give your spirit-self an audience once in a while.

Read a positive book, write down a list of 50 gratitudes, meditate and rewire your subconscious through affirmations and remember your truth that you are kind, powerful, beautiful and strong.

Remember that you’re full of dreams and know that with the aid of something magic in the air (which is your spirit, btw), you truly can have anything you want.

Get more good tips on being ‘spuruchal’ here.

10. Make lurve

A perfect day to stay in bed – hello!

Steal your beau away for hours of SPACE – because on a day like this, this is what you have to explore, learn, play and experiment.

If it’s over in half an hour you need to ensure your repertoire is turnt up!

Go read some books or research the internet (type in ‘sacred sex’).

If you are solo, not much should change as far as how you spend the day. Give yourself loving and sensual touch all over and read some fabulous erotica through out the ages.

So, don’t you love the rain?

What is your favourite way to spend a rainy day?

rainy day


Elyse Taylor by David Burton Rain Girl Elle Italia April 2011

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