November 7
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When pondering the most defining feature of authentic femininity, the quest for answers invariably leads back to sensuality. That ephemeral, soft, beguiling and mysterious essence that is both erotic and wide-eyed, subversive and untouchable. There’s an innocence to its expression – and don’t we all crave something uncomplicated, yet potent as the greatest pleasure?


July 6

Where would the world (and make up kits) be without the multi-hued rainbow?

A life of black, beige and grey may seem like a fashion editor’s sartorial heaven, but it for a beauty bag, nothing seems more drab.

And it’s not just common sense (and campish aspirations) that bond my love to colour – psychologists and neuroscientists have confirmed that colour therapy can have positive effects on everything in your life. 


June 28

Singapore. Always warm, always welcoming. Reassuringly consistent and dynamically diverse. Most of us have been there on a fly-by, spending a couple of days in transit but not necessarily cementing the island city as a final destination. However, as Australia cools down, these glamorous Asian neighbours are brimming with escapist hospitality that cements it’s status as a sophisticated destination.


June 2
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I first met the Piermarq boys via my old job, where they were quickly integrated within the tight-knit ‘happy hour’ clique. Robbie Russell and Justin Callanan were laddish and whip-smart, with a highbrow yet grounded essence. The larrikin gallerists’ work was secondary to their personality, at least at first; a hovering ghost on the periphery of boujelais-fuelled nights that only hinted at their rich and colourful artistic worlds.