October 26

I have endlessly been fascinated by meditation and, at various times of my journey either revered or craved its benefits. When I do it, life is flowing and amazing, like I’m starring in the movie Limitless.

When I don’t, I am so busy I forget – and life takes on a dullness and an urgency where the first thing on my mind is the panicked thought that I need to fit more in.

To help me get back in harmony, I called my teacher and friend Gary Gorrow for some sage advice. Here is our illuminiating conversation that will inspire you to get on that pillow and all togwthr be a better human for this planet…

REVIEWED BY ALINA B: Getting back into mediation… do you need to meditate once or twice a day.. or sporadically?

Gary Gorrow: It depends on your goal. Do you want to awaken in this lifetime? Or simply balance your personal and professional life?

Why not raise your state of consciousness to the highest level possible? If that is the goal, then it takes work and a regular practice.

But if your goal is to balance, then you can do it periodically and it can still be supportive.

If you want to be stress free, then once a day is OK. However, the second round (of meditation) depletes the inventory of stress from your deeper stores.


What is awakening?

Spiritual awakening is a big deal. Emphasis in our society is placed on material achievement, but is spiritual growth on the agenda?

Success is defined when your bank account is full and you have freedom and flexibility to move about – but that’s still just an achievement in the physical plane… And asLao Tzu said, true wealth is contentment. Are we successful if we’re not content within?

When people meditate, they realise nothing is a threat and nothing can take away from the truth of life. It will simply enhance them to connect to The Truth… Taking the mind from chaos into stillness.

To expand our experience, must redefine success to perhaps mean: a mind free from fear, a heart that is expanded and radiates love, a body that’s healthy and vital and a community that is loyal strong.

We must open up from being an individual to a universal, abundant family.

Is that possible? 

Have you heard the story of Ubuntu? It’s a legend in anthropology, where an administrator placed fruits under a tree where children were playing in Africa and said – the first child gets to enjoy the fruits! But all kids instead, held hands and approached the basket together. How can one eat when others are hungry?

We must think in terms of humanity and the world family in order for this planet to evolve.

Will humans ever genuinely see each other as equal? 

Society needs resolution in terms of its belief systems, which need to shift and upgrade. We have to stop trying to create a utopia out of old paradigms. Consciousness needs to change. But everyone needs to work things out for themselves and within themselves before we can start preaching change to others.  Our practice is our responsibility but its impact blossoms in the world!

So if we look within, there’s hope… 

Systems, modalities and ideas circulating on the agenda are changing. Just look at clean energy. It wasn’t even on the radar several decades ago but now it’s a hot topic. People need to demand the change they want to see. After all, spirit shapes the mind, and the mind shapes matter. What are we doing daily to connect with spirit?

What about if you’re aligned to a spiritual, or even religious path already?

There’s no need to change what you’re already doing. Meditation is a tool to enhance and complement your life. When we meditate, we’re celebrate silence; being calm and still. It’s a mental technique, not a philosophy. It brings awareness into a state of total being. There is therefore no conflict with who you are and your other modalities.

Whatever you do, it’s about how to become familiar and grounded in that place. You can connect to whatever you do so much better. So if you’re a yogi, you’ll get so much more from your practice. If you’re a business man, you’ll get a lot more from your business. You are grounded in the clearest, purest state. And you can connect better to everything you do. Meditation calms the nervous system and brings it into balance. Everyone has a mind and we do little to support it in becoming conscious.

When people meditate, they realise nothing is a threat. Nothing can take away from the truth of life. It will simply enhance them to connect to the truth… Taking the mind from chaos into stillness.


You’ve been meditating a while – do you ever feel fear?

I experience flashes of fear, sure – but it doesn’t dwell in my being. Fear is an interesting emotion though. It invites you to a higher truth, a higher state of understanding… we’re invited to expand. The mistake with fear is being gripped by fear, rather than using it as an invitation to ascend into consciousness.

Most things we’re scared of don’t exist. It’s like kids – the monster under the bed. There is no such thing, of course… yet when you talk to a kid, they’re adamant. It’s real to them. Only later do they realise they invented it. Fear is a projection.

Some would say we live in a pretty scary world right now…

Well, do your want to be influenced, opened or grounded by fear? Adopt it as a reality or dream up a new world with compasssion? Life needs to be looked at with enthusiasm. We are being invited to a higher reality. Its only the mind that is dividing up the world into sanctions.

There is an analogy between the cow and the dog. If one were to slaughter a cow and eat it for dinner, no one would bat an eyelid. If it was done to a dog, you would be arrested – and probably front page news. So why is life more valuable than another? It’s a clash of world views over the value of human life too. Right now, we live in a magnification of difference. We will only get a world of respect once we upgrade our paradigms; move out of fear and separation into a higher place.

We worry when something happens to our people… and feel disconnected when its ‘other people’… but what if we’re all ‘our people’. We are a family. We are one people. We are all human and seeking the same thing.

Think about who’s driving the agenda – war, weaponry, pharmaceuticals – it’s all big businesses, so who is planting these stories? Is it really in the elite’s interest for these wars to stop? If weaponry ceased being funded, we would have enough money to educate all the children in the world. Just contemplate that – and the funny thing is, we’re paying for it, the taxpayer. The system is dark.

If we can get rid of our mind patterning, a lot of symptoms in our culture will dissolve. The system, I believe, is already softening and integrating.

So how do we evolve?

We need spiritual practices. The evolution of our personal spirituality comes from having a Sadhana, a spiritual practice. By raising our own consiousness we’re woven into the practice of collective consciousness – and each one of us has an effect on the collective.

If the world needs to meditate, how do we extend the change to others?

Not everyone needs to meditate for multiplicity in that process. Research shows that only 1-5% of people need to be meditating for a shift in the world to occur.

How about sharing it via the internet?

The internet is a wonderful way for the proliferation of new ideas, but I still believe meditation is an experience to be done in intimate settings. It’s about being together and being instructed. And honestly, I don’t think it can be taught effectively virtually. Virtual reality is not the real thing – In needs to be taught in the physical presence. But surely, the energy can transition. We can lock in at a certain time and meditate collectively. But its nice to be in the actual same room as other meditators. It helps you ironically, go deeper within yourself. And our own space is our own highest experience. Its more in the body and in real time.

There seems to be a wonderful resurgence in the prolifiterstion of mindfulness. The world is becoming a better place and no one is telling us. If it bleeds, it leads – and this news cycle is only helping us multiply negativity. I’m all about sharing the positive – not being gripped by fear. The world is angry, people are angry.  The ultimate truth is that all these stories will cease to exist once they become profitable. It is a made up story that we need war.

What is Vedic Mediation?

The Vedic Meditation technique has been practiced for over 5,000 years and has its origins in the ancient Vedic tradition of India.

The purity and effectiveness of the practice has been maintained through an unbroken line of teachers from that time. Although originating in India this is not exclusively “Indian” knowledge.The technique is universal in its nature, just as Einstein’s insights into relativity did not apply only in Germany!

The ancient Rishi’s realised that man could find tremendous resources through the development of his consciousness and the Vedic Meditation technique is the result of thousands of years of research and investigation into the subtle inner workings of the mind, body and consciousness. Such a technique and knowledge was specifically designed for “householders” – those fully engaged in worldly life, rather than those interested in a reclusive or monastic lifestyle.

Jai Guru Dev, Gary.

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