November 22

There are some situations in life that can shake you. A job interview. Running into an ex… and you hope to maintain composure and your cool, because you know that’s the ultimate power. There are times in life when you need your poker face.

So how do you keep your cool, when your cheeks are flushed and your heart is beating faster; where it pays off that you have less to give?
Whether falling over or falling in love, there are the things I personally swear by to get the care factor under control.

1. Breathe. It sounds so simple, yet a deep, diaphragm-filling breaths get into your core. The steady flow of your inhales becomes a meditation, keeping your vibe consistent and controlled.

2. Postulate. How you stand and express your movements is everything. When you need to be as cool as a cucumber, it pays to be still and upright – and if you shake or tremble, the game is up.

3. Laugh. Life is to be enjoyed and not taken so seriously – especially in those curly moments. Be a relaxed person who sees the humour in all things (especially their own foibles).

4. Hydrate. There is life and happiness in your cells – and if your beverage has the delicious factor well… it doesn’t hurt your cool cred either. Water is nice, but a refreshing ice tea is usually better.

Lipton Ice Tea has the summer simmer situation sorted with their new (and rather titilating) campaign. Take notes on how to be ‘Cool As A Cucumber’ when a squad of swag femmes totally deflect unwanted attention from a wanton spunk in The Sauna. They don’t bat an eyelid and sip on their Lipton. This is how it’s done, ladies.
Watch the video below and see what I mean for yourself – but it looks like Lipton Ice Tea is set to be the cool down staple for summer.


#CoolAsACucumber #BeMoreTea

This post is sponsored by Lipton Ice Tea, but all musings are my own.