March 19
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I am always asked – how the freak do you make things happen?

In the abyss of uncertainty and tension, how does one clamour out of the heavy malaise of nothingness to turn their life around (in 7-30 days) to one of bliss and fist-pumping abundance?

The thing is, we can be stuck in a rut for ages (years, at times) and settle for it as if that’s ‘the way things are’. However, at the hands of a few simple techniques, you can seriously be living a whole new life before this month is up. I promise.

I have been coaching people for almost 10 years now. I’ve done everything from Tantra to Shamanism to Behavioural Psychology to NLP. And what I’m about to share is the crux of what they all cover. My clients have achieved countless examples of logic-transending phenomena: a surgeon who wanted to be an actor (with no prior experience) appeared on Underbelly within weeks of trying out this stuff. A female client saw a gorgeous guy in a magazine – and then married him a year later. Burnt-out ex corporates – almost destitute and ill on adrenal fatigue – become prominent mentors and entrepreneurs within a whole new industry (twice).

With this knowledge, you can be the songbird who takes flight and makes it big in London, or the Sydney ad guru who went on to become the vice president of a major NYC company (both true stories, marred at first by some incredible odds). You can be that start-up that grows by 2400% in two weeks (true story) – all because you’ve pointed your energy right.


This is not hype, but a reminder that if you keep your aura clean and mindset right, some pretty radical things will happen.

Here is my fool-proof formula on how to make some massive changes happen right now (even when there is no visible end in sight):

1. Clean up your ‘auric field’

What this means, is that before you start asking the Universe for anything, you need to be squeaky clean and receptive in your emotional and mental energy. Stored anger, stress, negativity, unresolved grief and frustration just bounce off any good vibes like a bad smell. And that’s the energy 90% of us are carrying around. So, if you’ve been feeling a bit out of whack, work on restoring yourself back to your A-game, pronto. If you’ve been feeling low for a long time, this may require work. But whether it’s exercise, meditation, yoga, writing or even therapy, just make sure that you feel good before you set off on any new creative endeavours.

2. Focus on the end goal only

This is sooo important. I see so many people set an intention or a goal and straight away go ‘but no, it won’t work because’ or ‘yes, but’…
You have noooo idea how destructive this is. If you want to be a modern shaman, a magical ninja or go straight to the top of the manifesting velvet rope, you MUST learn to focus on the end result like a laser beam.
If those ‘what if’ thoughts come (and they will), swat them away like flies. You must, you must, you must. Don’t worry that you are having tunnel vision or not being ‘constructive’. There will be time for that later. Thinking strategically is not the same as constantly talking yourself out of things. Make sure you are growing your dreams with vision and positive energy – not killing them with scattered, unfocused doubt.

3. Do two things towards your goal daily

-one small
-one uncomfortable

A small one could be doing some priority filing or sending an inquiry email. Baby steps. But a big one requires you putting yourself out there, like pitching new business or making a ‘scary’ call. The good news is, by following the first two steps, you’ve now done the mental and energetic work to help the ‘flow’ along. This means that what you want will fall in your lap and synchronicites will start to happen with a lot more grace than previously.

Let me use the example of you wanting to take a white-hot trip to Europe in July this year, but you have absolutely no money as yet đŸ˜‰

How would you now apply this?

The old way would be:

– not go (and whinge about it)
– ask your parents (and feel like a loser)
– get a weekend job in a bar or a pub (better, but who’s got the grunt or the time?)

Or, you could do it the manifester way.

hello, Positano.

hello, Positano.

So, step #1, you would start to meditate, eat well, exercise, get reiki done and tidy up the dramas and relationships in your life so that you are feeling good and sparkly (see my list of ideas below).

Step #2, you would set a goal that by July 2014, you are tanning yourself up in Positano or Mykonos or Dubrovnik (whatever tickles your fancy – all?!) and just see, hear and feel yourself there. Focus on just the end result and what it would feel like to already be there. Feel the sun on your skin, how happy and blissed out you feel and the wonderful people you are rolling with. Don’t worry about the ifs, the whats and the buts. Just focus on being there and the end result. Swat the doubt away. Trust me.

Now step #3 – time to take your mini-actions. So, you can research hotels you would like to stay and make a short-list. Find out how much flights are. Rally up your mates. And do a budget. How much do you need to save per week to make your wonder-trip happen? $500? $200? Figure out a way to make this income happen. Make some calls. Hustle. This is opportunity to step up – I love how one dream can help you play a bigger game in other areas.

NB. If you are still stuck on the money thing, go back to step #2: focus on yourself already having that money – no ifs and buts about it. Then do your small actions – the phone calls, the research. You will notice synchoronicity begin to occur – an email out of the blue; running into a person in the street who has some freelance work for you; flights to Rome going on sale… etc.

When you approach each goal in this way, there is no struggle. Keep your energy clean and your mind focused and trusting. By remaining proactive, you alleviate problems and send the Universe the energy of your commitment. And that is when an effortless flow comes along, with more wild and unpredictable doors opening than you ever expected.

How to stay positive:

1. Thoughts only focused on the end result
2. Deflect negative thoughts with a magic laser beam (pow, pow!)
3. Tapping / EFT
4. High Intensity Exercise
5. Kundalini yoga (or otherwise)
6. White light mediation
7. Green juices / cleanse
8. Journaling your thoughts
9. A clearing conversation with someone you’ve been in conflict with
10. Decluttering

This process won’t work if you are partying, eating crap and toxins, being an asshole to people and not looking after yourself. So don’t kill your bad vibes if you are trying to amp something truly great up – it’s not worth it.

magical thinking

Got anything to add? Please add away. What are you manifesting?

*PS – if you need extra help manifesting something huge, I’d be more than happy to help you out. Please email me on with your request.

Image of Angela Lindvall by Richard Burbridge for Harper’s Bazaar US December 2008.

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