October 6

Vegan. Toxin free. Australian made.

These terms alone are enough to make you salivate (especially when it comes to nail colour) – but wait until you check out the hues. Kitty Got Claws is the newest player on the polish block and is the realised love child of glamour girl (and self-confessed beauty addict) Deana Sarwari.

“As a girl, I used to pray to God that my mother would let me wear nail polish!” she laughs when asked about the significance of this entrepreneurial journey in her life. The Creator has clearly granted her wishes, because Kitty Got Claws now has 10 stockists and boasts 31 colours (plus a top coat) with delectable names.

'Snow White' by Kitty Got Claws

‘Snow White’ by Kitty Got Claws

Growing up in Moscow, she was inspired by her parents’ colourful and entertaining dinner parties. For as long as she can remember, Sarwari was obsessed with having perfectly groomed nails – and armed with 200+ bottles of  polish, would always offer to paint her friends’ baby talons. But after years of experimenting with nail painting, Sarwari wasn’t been able to find a polish that actually lasts without chipping, staining or damaging the nail. This beauty tycoon was after a polish that was safe for the environment, didn’t use animal testing and was amazing value for what it claimed to do. And so, Kitty Got Claws was born.

Kitty Got Claws founder Deana Sarwari

Kitty Got Claws founder Deana Sarwari

For those in the know, this is one of the first products on the market to be 5 Free – which means free from Tosylamaide Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate, Camphor, and Talc Formaldehyde. It is chip resistant, non-yellowing, long lasting, quick drying, vegan and cruelty free. All Kitty Got Claws products strictly adhere to the Standard of Compassion for Animals, as set out by the Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC) and as subscribed to by the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA). In addition, the products do not contain any ingredients of animal products and are entirely suitable for vegan usage. Sarwari’s commitment to this is such that if any of the ingredients are found not to be compliant with this standard, the company would seek alternative suppliers or, if necessary, remove the product entirely from their range.

'Blue Blood' by Kitty Got Claws

‘Blue Blood’ by Kitty Got Claws

Designed and produced in Australia and using the best nail polish base formula from France, this is  a market offering that is second to none. Designed for high end retail and professional use, each batch undergoes a battery of quality, stability and contaminent tests before being released for shipping. The polish has a strong track record in global markets and satisfies all the compliance requirements of cosmetic markets around the world. It is expected to deliver superior gloss with a quick drying time and good colour integrity. Usually these attributes are compromised if one is prefered over the other – great gloss means slower drying time, while fast drying can mean less wear. In this formulation however, both these attributes are balanced to a premium standard.

Colour inspiration for Sarwari can be found in nature, fabric swatches and art. And for those sassy names, such as ‘Meow’, ‘Toots’ and ‘Disco Disco’? “I have a file of about 100 new names,” the creator  says. “I sit down, play music, pour a glass of wine… and start the process of matching names to potential colours in my other folder.”

'Hello Dolly' by Kitty Sarwari

‘Hello Dolly’ by Kitty Got Claws

Sassy, stylish and glamorous, regular readers will know by now that Sarwari is my kind of girl. And for the polish? I sampled heavily and it glides on like a dream. Perhaps it’s time to say F.U. to O.P.I. ladies.

Kitty Got Claws is stocked at All For Mary, The Last StrandThe Fox and The Hair, Ladyluna, Naturlig, Equilibre Concept, Pure Hair By Mel, Athol – The Art Of Wellness, Elegance Hair and Beauty, Mi Mon Moi and of course… online at Kitty Got Claws.


  1. Roseann

    October 6

    Fantastic! I’m going to buy some straight away…always looking for healthy, Australian alternatives 🙂

    • Alina B

      October 19

      Yay! How are you enjoying it Rosie? xxx

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