May 11
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I met Vanessa Roberts when we were both reviewing a recently launched beauty spa. The formidable force behind the massive Breakfast With Audrey blog, I was instantly struck by her relatable ‘girliness’. She was way chic – even though she insisted she hasn’t ‘put herself together’ that day.

It is natural that she would ooze her blogging namesake’s elegance -Breakfast With Audrey sprung up in 2010, in the early days of fashion blogging and has continued to be a destination where fashion lovers can get their fix of the latest and greatest in Australian fashion. Over the years, the blog’s scope has expanded into a bonafide “blogazine”. Vanessa took the helm in 2014 when the original founders move on to pursue other passions. Whilst staying connected to the roots, Breakfast with Audrey in 2015 is evolving with the digital age.

Under the appointed editorship of Ms Vanessa Roberts and with the help of several wonderful contributors, BWA’s mission is to produce high-quality editorial content across fashion, beauty, lifestyle, shopping and weddings to inspire and entertain audiences like me and you every day.

V and I recently ran into each other at MBFWA – and our allegiance was sealed. I wanted to know how she manages to run a fashion and lifestyle blog that sartorially touches the lives of so many women and some key things that inspire her.

Breakfast With Audrey editor Vanessa Roberts

Breakfast With Audrey editor Vanessa Roberts

Reviewed By Alina B: How did you come to edit BWA? What was your past career?

Vanessa Roberts: Believe it or not, I’m already onto my third career. Whilst the idea of becoming a magazine editor was a teenage obsession, I ended up studying Economics rather than journalism. This led to a few years working the phones at a large stockbroking firm. By 24 I just wanted to be my own boss, so I started my fashion jewellery company, Glamadonna. This began via a retail store in MLC Centre in Sydney, and a couple of years later I opened a second store in the Strand Arcade. This business proved invaluable in learning how women perceived style, dealt with their “style issues” and other fashion hang-ups. After approximately 10 years as a bricks and mortar retailer, I was intrigued by the digital world and how consumption of fashion and content was changing. Somewhat miraculously, the opportunity to run BWA presented itself and I jumped at it. Currently, I am running the blog and Glamadonna simultaneously (albeit the latter is not via retail stores anymore).

What do you love about your job?

It’s fast paced and it utilizes each of my skill-sets constantly. The industry is full of inspiring go-getters, but more importantly – I get to swoon over beautiful things all day! I also love working from home and being completely self-directed. It’s a nice change.

What has been a highlight so far?

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week this year in Sydney was a highlight, more so for the people I connected with than the runway! Running BWA has begun to truly open doors into related, wonderful and entirely unexpected opportunities. The industry has forced me to become a lot more outgoing push my comfort levels on dozens of occasions – which is a highlight in its own way.

What makes a successful blog such as your own?

It’s important for a blog to remain as authentic as possible, as well as offer a unique / edited perspective on its chosen field. If the blog has evolved into a business of any size, then naturally it needs to generate an income to support itself. If the income can be generated whist remaining true to the essence of what the blog is about then in my mind that is successful. If the blog is smaller, a hobby, or more of a creative outlet for the creator, then “success” may take the form of relationships with readers, positive feedback and personal growth.

What other blogs do you follow?

I follow quite a few blogs – both big and small! I love Who What Wear (can this be classed as a blog?), ManRepeller, Shine By Three, an obscure vintage blog called Garmento – as well as all my friends’ blogs like this one!

You sound busy! What is your typical day like?

I wake up at 6am and start working straight away. I quickly catch up on social media, then formulate the day’s posts – and promptly get back on social media. The inbox get tackled at around 11am. Sometimes I have to go to see bridal clients for Glamadonna around lunchtime, so I rush off to do that. Then I work all afternoon, setting up forthcoming stories, answering enquiries, working with contributors, catching up on fashion news and happenings. If I’m feeling a bit un-inspired or overwhelmed with the fashion world I take respite in my garden for a few mins, to gaze about or do a little bit of weeding and maintenance. A few minutes doing this always feels like being on a holiday! I have a work-related event around 3 nights a week, and the other two weekday nights I am working late.

The daily fashion-gasms must make it worth it – what’s on your winter wish list?

I’d love to set aside some time this winter to de-clutter various aspects of my life – from my wardrobe, to my work schedule and beyond. On the outside, I would love some pointy toe Acne ankle boots, more custom-made leather pants, my hair to grow out of it’s awkward stage – and perhaps a Camilla and Marc blazer.

Chic! What’s next for you?

I am looking at developing a new micro-brand in the next few months, hopefully making some exciting changes to BWA, and growing my vintage record collection.

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