July 6

Where would the world (and make up kits) be without the multi-hued rainbow?

A life of black, beige and grey may seem like a fashion editor’s sartorial heaven, but it for a beauty bag, nothing seems more drab.

And it’s not just common sense (and campish aspirations) that bond my love to colour – psychologists and neuroscientists have confirmed that colour therapy can have positive effects on everything in your life. 

Picture this scenario – you’re at a bar with your equally good looking friend, but she’s wearing a black dress and you’re wearing red or powder blue. Who do you think would get approached faster (A. It’s powder blue. But we’ll get to that after).

The psychology of colour is based on the mental and emotional effects colours have on sighted people in all facets of life. There are some very subjective pieces to color psychology as well as some more accepted and proven elements. Us gorgeous humans are hardwired for certain hues could be a gateway into understanding the neural properties of emotion. Since researchers know that certain colors provoke strong feelings in people

You’ve seen how merely a pop of cushion can elevate a neutral leather couch – with gold to zebra print to fuscia lifting your space to a completely different meaning. 

The same metamorphosis (as much spiritually as visually) can happen with your personality and your look. What do we think of women who sport blue eyeshadow? Or a coral lip? Well that depends if her name is Daria and what designer she just walked for (as well as who did her make up ;)).

The point is, you conjured an opinion. Whether it’s faux-pas or fab, colour matters.

That’s why I invite you to take a hippie-luxe ride with me into the world of colour. Our favourite colour can be a safe go-to or the very invitation to break out of that box. Because a colour worn often can signify a comfort zone, while being scared of a colour could mean a block that with it’s use, will clear.

More than a beauty hue, use colour as a secret healer and a therapeutic aide that can seriously, maybe help you manifest miracles in both work and play. There have been stories of girls winning trips overseas and new promotions from wearing more red. And weirdly, getting happier from wearing more blue. Girls who have had sell-out art shows after wearing more orange and doing more things in philanthropy from the boost of more green.

I know if you’re a neutral gal, more colour can be tough, but the good news is that there is no greater way to bring this new secret weapon into your life (without resorting to dramatic measures), than through the power and subtlety of make up.

On the following pages, you will find a wealth of knowledge related to colour psychology and its application in the real world. Because I worship colour and want you to feel as polished as you look, the next few posts at MaxMade will be about making the most of this intriguing colour therapy.  Take your time to discover how this knowledge can empower and enrich your own life giving you self confidence and self understanding that will inspire you to reach your highest (sartorial) potential.
And as the fiery hue of lust, success and energy, I’ll kick this off with red. 

If your not exactly being chased by the boys in the yard or those party invitations have dried up, chances are you’re not rocking enough ruby.

Red is a highly visible colour, helping you draw more focus and be the centre of attention. It is all about life-force, passion and aggression. If your fave hue is already red, likely you have a can-do attitude, are very direct and more often than not, the life of the party. You are no short of male contact, love a daring outfit and on your A-game are efficient, witty and opinionated. However scarlet babe, be ware. Too much red energy in your life likely means you can blow your fuse (and turn back into a pussycat) within a matter of moments. Your bluntness can offend, but you don’t waste time backtracking to explain yourself – if they don’t get it, it’s their problem, right?

However, these hot a fiery vixens are amazing, but a rare individuals. For most of us, especially in the colder months, we need a heady boost of confidence, energy and motivation. Those who definitely need the colour red in their life tend to be on the shy side, hesitant to speak up in meetings and would never date to approach that hot babe they like. If you are ready to break out of your shell, be bolder and brighter and take life by its horns (you devil), then please read my red edit below.

My picks of rouge-inspired products will light you up with just the right amount of fire – because baby, you’re a star.


Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in the red (#400)
GA Lip Maestro a the leading hybrid liquid to matt lip that’s taking the industry by storm. A gel formula with a luminous ‘velvety’ matt finish stops it from becoming caky when you re-apply, yet it’s super hydrating, making your lips look fuller. If you don’t rock this red lip to your next date or job interview, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Dab it on with your fingers for more of a stain or build up in layers for a bolder finish.


YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Oil-in-stick Lips colour in #45

Get ready and get lucky, because his is definitely one of the most sensuous high sheen lip colours I’ve sampled in years. If you need to vamp up your look, here is definitely how you do it! There’s a nourishing oil in the colour too, which means the pigment actually penetrates the skin rather than sitting on the top like a gloss. This also means it’s not sticky and can wear a hell of a lot longer, for kissing, sipping champagne and other deviant pleasures.

lilah b. Lip & cheek duo in b. fearless.

I very rarely suggest using cream blushes as they can be very temperamental depending on your skin type – but this is one blush I adore and trust completely! The trick is to apply it to moisturised skin with your fingers or a clean foundation brush, then apply your foundation over the top. It’s a full-proof way to getting the right depth, consistency and professional finish to such a rich colour. And as the colour and the foundation slightly melt into the skin, the red slowly warms through as well – resulting in a more natural hue. It’s what I call a full-proof Victorias Secret youthful flush and it’s completely perfect.



Dior Poison Girl

Sometimes the devil on your shoulder wins – and this liberated, modern fragrance by Dior is the perfect shade scent to pain the town red in (and bewitch some hapless chap). Mixed damask rose with notes of bitter orange, vanilla and tonka bean create a lingering sexy scent that comes in a tantalising blush bottle. Described by some victims as smelling like sugar-soaked petals, sweet poison has never smelt better.


MAC Cranberry Eyeshadow
Although it’s not a true red, it is the most user friendly red-based eye shadow that I know and love. A deep bronze-red shade with a metallic finish, it suits most skin and eye colours, even bringing out more blue and green tones in darker eye hues. A metallic shadow also makes it easier to blend, which is a must when working with such a daring shade. As red can be such a stimulant, remember to be using just a pop. Great for both day to night, when you need a shimmery glint of the deviant.

As you can see, they don’t call it the red carpet for nothing… If you need to seriously rev up your life, here is how you do it.

 Next week, it’s all about enlightening you to the scintillating virtues of orange – it’s sexier than you think.

This post originally appeared on MaxMade.

Photographer: Max Papendieck at DLM exclusively for, Written by; Alina B, Hair & Makeup/Art Direction; Max May at Maxmade, Model: Cassie Lapthorne at IMG.