October 30

” Hatreds never cease with hatred in this world, only with love can they cease “

I descend upon an obscured and enchanted property during my last few hours in Byron Bay after a mind bending aura blast that is so customary for my time there.

Still, nothing prepared me for this…


October 26

I have endlessly been fascinated by meditation and, at various times of my journey either revered or craved its benefits. When I do it, life is flowing and amazing, like I’m starring in the movie Limitless.

When I don’t, I am so busy I forget – and life takes on a dullness and an urgency where the first thing on my mind is the panicked thought that I need to fit more in.


June 25

Dina Broadhurst is like that effortless French girl we all want to be,but with LA style and a cool Aussie attitude. She’s both chic and naughty, classy and provocative, maternal and minxy, haughty and friendly and is just as at home playing frisby in a park with her son as in a pair of Loboutins at a fashion party. Oh, and she is blessed with smouldering Italian good looks that work overtime in flawless fashions that finish off her killer bod. In short, you don’t know whether to high five her or frisk her (and I know of paramours who’ve ended up attempting both).


June 2

Stay and play.

This is an invitation I wish someone would make me. Is there a more gorgeous way to while away an afternoon?
Thankfully, yogini and all-time goddess Sari Shillingford has made it a way of life. Seeking her inner zen to be reflected in her clothes, she created the Stay and Play range – a conscious lifestyle label that is fast gaining a reputation for its classic, simple, graceful and timeless lines.