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November 4

I was never much of a devout home cook (until now) and to be frank, most of my attempts have been a hit and miss affair. As soul-enriching as the accolades towards my hits, I just can’t hack the usual preparation, thought and planning that goes into mealtimes (or let alone, the biochemical accuracy of frying up the perfect piece of steak).


January 17
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Goddess Tea by Tea Temple: a premium black scented tea, rose, jasmine, lotus, orange blossom.

I sit down and inhale the steaming hot aroma; first naked and without the secure sustenance of milk.
A balmy, spiced sweetness emanates as fragrance. It overcomes my senses with a delicate and inviting haze.
I sip. A flavour that is both mystical and tempting. The dance of flavour continues long after I swallow.
My mind wanders, hit with intoxication. I add milk.
An aromatic hedonism that conjures deviance. A fusion of secrets and untoward ideas swirl inside my head.
This tea is uplifting, soothing and electrifying.
Delicious, ultimately enjoyed with milk and a mental fantasy.
I buy 5 to give to all my friends.

Visit Tea Temple and order your own personal tea journey… I look forward to your experience.