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June 7
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Mid-June. Our heaters are working overtime and despite the glimpse of sun, we are officially in the throws of winter.

Til 2 weeks ago, my work uniform (the foundation of my week) has been surprisingly androgynous – J-brand leather pants or boyfriend jeans, a baggy neutral tee (I love you Sportsgirl / Rag&Bone / Zara) and some form of brogues or high-top trainers. To add a hint of polish, I’d don a vintage Armani or Moschino blazer for a classic and finished look (lest I look like I rolled into work in my pyjamas).

IMG_2941 photo 2-9

Yet this week I started working in a luxury branding agency. Suddenly I’m on display in the multi-level, open plan space – there are 20 times more people and it’s decidedly more corporate. Being lazy at heart, my basic uniform of easy pieces shall remain – however this time, the trainers will be replaced with heels. And sometimes,

the tees with shirts and blouses. And heck, I may even do away with the messy bun in favour of a glossy blowdry. Yes, a member of a stylish agency, I must now sartorially arrive!


Now, for weekend nightlife with the cooler weather, the J-Brand leather pants have again, been my go-to look (hey, they make my ass look great!)… sometimes with vintage blouses, an uber-flattering Mrs Press camisole and Balenciaga uber-heels I got on sale in NYC a few years ago. They never seem to get old. I’m also rocking fabulous mesh vintage booties that seem to grow more current with every week… and my lovely leopard print Zara heels that a stylish friend selected for me so perfectly. She also wisely spotted a vintage bomber jacket I’ve been rocking out all season… Where would I be without my BFF stylist??

IMG_2498photo 4-7

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If I were to describe my look, it would be vintage / high street / hand me down / tailor made and a dash of designer. I tend to buy European designers on consignment because I find it classic, interesting and better value. Ask me again when I’m a millionaire, but until then I’m an enviro-thrifty fashionista!

And finally, my ultimate style resource is my mother. Apart from being the original style queen and dressing me as her mini-me, as a wee lass growing up in the USSR, she made most of my clothes. Today, she gave me the studded black military boots that again, seem to be cropping up in every style magazine of late (but of course, our version is decidedly older). She also continues to make me a lot of my clothes – such as the cream coat I don’t take off this winter, some blazers… and the palazzo wide leg cropped pant and a skinny trouser suit that are on order. Ah, and the polka dot skirt everyone always asks me about? Well thats a credit to my gran. She made it for herself over 20 years ago and naturally I ‘borrowed’ it…. Russian women are so industrious – if only I got their gene.