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August 15
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The first thing I saw about her were those chunky, moonshine platform boots.

My eyes traced up a willowy frame, adorned with a sheer dress covering silver raver pants, ladylike pearls over a Victorian blouse – all topped off by a fierce, determined stare.

Rarely do I pause to take a photo of the posy crews at Fashion Week yet there she was, ensconced in an inconsonant aura that stopped me in my tracks and beckoned for a shot.


October 30

” Hatreds never cease with hatred in this world, only with love can they cease “

I descend upon an obscured and enchanted property during my last few hours in Byron Bay after a mind bending aura blast that is so customary for my time there.

Still, nothing prepared me for this…


June 29
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I have always admired Kirstie Clements.

To me, the last Vogue Australia editor channels an old world elegance, a time of sensuality and womanliness before a stark androgyny and nonchalance took over fashion magazines. So what happened to her once-coveted post?


June 2

Stay and play.

This is an invitation I wish someone would make me. Is there a more gorgeous way to while away an afternoon?
Thankfully, yogini and all-time goddess Sari Shillingford has made it a way of life. Seeking her inner zen to be reflected in her clothes, she created the Stay and Play range – a conscious lifestyle label that is fast gaining a reputation for its classic, simple, graceful and timeless lines.