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March 12
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I’m often following popular websites and debates on women’s rights, where men are repeatedly seen as ‘the oppressors’. I think that is a dangerous generalisation to make and I don’t see how it’s empowering us as women. It reinforces us as ‘the oppressed’ and sets up this victim / villain discourse that only grows in an unfavourable direction.


November 24

If you were to dream up the perfect skincare range, it would work magic on sensitive skins, use local, organic and high grade ingredients, be developed by a knowledgeable physician and be infused with heart-warming family legend.

Well, someone has gone all “inception” on you and interpreted your thoughts – as at 8am on Wednesday 12th November, Aussie twin sisters Zoe and Kim launched their new Australian skincare brand, Dr Roebuck’s.

With the aforementioned virtues, this product hits the mark – plus comes in totally bathroom friendly, recycled, hipster-approved packaging.

Dr Roebuck’s “Yoga For Your Skin” refers to the feeling individuals have, similar to that of a healthy workout after they use Dr Roebuck’s. Our philosophy is to look after yourself “inside and out” to have great looking skin”, Says Zoe Roebuck.

Over 30 years ago the girls’ physician parents searched high and low for an effective and safe skin care product for their children – yet discovered it did not exist. So they tried combining an old English dermatological formula with their clinical and practical knowledge. It yielded instant results in their daughters’ eczema prone skin and “Dr Roebuck’s” was born.

Three decades on, Dr Roebuck’s is still delivering on the cream’s original PURE Formula, which has been extended to include a body range, after-shaving care and children’s products.

“All our products are formulated from the original PURE Dr Roebuck’s blueprint to ensure the ingredients are active and non-toxic. All our skin products are BPA free and have been tried and tested for more than 30 years”, says Zoe.

This is a family brand who takes the integrity of all their products seriously!

“To ensure we can control the quality and standard of everything, all Dr Roebuck’s packaging and product is 100% Australian made. Our packaging is also BPA free and made from recyclable material”, adds Kim Roebuck.

Dr Roebuck’s has grown from 20 stores globally to 600 in the last 12 months and it’s no wonder it made its way to sunny and health conscious Australia. As well as being stocked at Priceline, Dr Roebuck’s is the only Australian skincare brand stocked in Shoppers and Drug Mart Canada.


The delicious product range

To celebrate this momentous occasion, forty fit and fab guests (including Olympic Gold Medalist Tora Bright, celebrity author and trainer Scotty Gooding and style blogger Nicole Benton) gathered at The Boy Charlton Pool for a morning of yoga followed by breakfast.

As one of the lucky guests, I experienced a full yoga session by Power Living yogi Mandy Kopcho amongst Boy Charleton’s laid-back, Harbour-sweeping beauty. What better way to celebrate a product that gives the skin a gentle workout (hence, ‘yoga for the skin’!), than with a fabulous stretch session?

Post yoga, guests sipped on green smoothies and C Coconut Water, as well as the most to die for acai bowls. The gift bag was generous, boasting a  lululemon athletica yoga mat, yoga bag, Dr Roebuck’s towel and goodies from the skincare range.

The verdict? Lush nourishment, gentle fragrance, happy skin – and chic packaging that is the pride of display on the bathroom cabinet.

Some more launch pics below!


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May 16
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I adore roses.

I always have. When I was little, I cried to my mum that my name wasn’t Rose. So now my alter ego is Alina Rose.

And so, they have become an omen to me. When I see them, it’s good luck. Just as some may track feathers or butterflies, I roam these fragrant petals.

Wise men knew the way to my heart. And now here is how they express in art:

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Works by Vicki Lee & Ted O’Donnell.