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November 7
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When pondering the most defining feature of authentic femininity, the quest for answers invariably leads back to sensuality. That ephemeral, soft, beguiling and mysterious essence that is both erotic and wide-eyed, subversive and untouchable. There’s an innocence to its expression – and don’t we all crave something uncomplicated, yet potent as the greatest pleasure?


July 6

Where would the world (and make up kits) be without the multi-hued rainbow?

A life of black, beige and grey may seem like a fashion editor’s sartorial heaven, but it for a beauty bag, nothing seems more drab.

And it’s not just common sense (and campish aspirations) that bond my love to colour – psychologists and neuroscientists have confirmed that colour therapy can have positive effects on everything in your life. 


October 6

Vegan. Toxin free. Australian made.

These terms alone are enough to make you salivate (especially when it comes to nail colour) – but wait until you check out the hues. Kitty Got Claws is the newest player on the polish block and is the realised love child of glamour girl (and self-confessed beauty addict) Deana Sarwari.


May 4

When Nivea contacted me with the idea of a ‘mum was right’ campaign, the timing was perfect.

The night prior, I spent an hour on the phone to my mum, getting a healthy dose of her straight shooting ‘life coaching’.

I’d just had a squabble with my partner and called my mother for some indignant validation…. and of course, mother took his side.

She has been telling me for eons that it’s sometimes better to bite your tongue, pick your battles and let things go. Instead, I’d turned into a ‘problem anthropologist’, unearthing every imperfection in the way my partner, friends or even colleagues were being.

Gist is, I didn’t even know I was doing it.

Mum has been warning me since I was a young child about my ability to pick incessantly at things. That my life would be easier if I learn to relax and let things go.

It all went over deaf ears until this moment, when someone close to me was affected by my behaviour. And when I was faced with the prospect of hurting a loved one through my blinded actions, the wisdom of my mum came tumbling over me like a welcome waterfall.

My mum was right about many things:

– That I should always write down when bills are due

– That certain outfits just don’t go together

– That silence can be better than words

But not so more than the lesson of finding the humanity inside and allowing things to be imperfect.

As a result, I had a total paradigm shift around my relationship and things are happy, noble and smooth sailing.

This Mother’s Day, I invite you to observe how you interact with your mother – and that perhaps it’s time to bring some more of her sage words into your life.

And I bet, things will positively shift and you’ll find yourself saying with me…

Mum was right.

mum was right

This was a sponsored post by Nivea, yet musings and confessions are my own. Hear other inspiring stories that honour mums via #MumWasRight.