May 13

I don’t often wax lyrical about art, but ‘ELEVEN’ is a must-attend exhibition opening on 27 May.

Presented by The Fin Collection and supported by Sun Studios, this has cool factor written all over it.

Curated by Amy Finlayson, the collection features eleven emerging artists known for a fresh, innovative aesthetic.

“The Fin Collection’s goal is to make art accessible in a myriad of ways and these exhibitions are key to showcasing the insane new talent that is surging around Sydney at this time”, says Amy. “I want my shows to have the vibe and energy of New York’s early street art scene, mixed with an awareness and intellect distinctive of our new generation”.

“All of the artists hung in ‘ELEVEN’ are passionate and present, they know what they want and their unique styles reflect that. This individuality is their key to the future and this exhibition highlights their potential by building a platform for their magic.”

The ‘eleven’ artists include hot names Rose Ashton, Dina Broadhurst, Amy Finlayson, Nick Hernandez, Dion Horstmans, Tanya Linney, George Raftopoulos, Mia Taninaka, Gemma Ward, Brooklyn Whelan and Alexi Willemsen.

A successful fashion model in her own right, Amy developed a passion for the art world while living in New York and hasn’t looked back. She has since focusing on her formidable art work, as well as tellingly nurturing young talent.

Dina Broadhurst 'Christy Blooms' 2015 12 x 16 inches Digital C-Print

Dina Broadhurst
‘Christy Blooms’ 2015
12 x 16 inches
Digital C-Print

Reviewed sat down for a brief chat with Amy in between busy preparations to find out exactly what makes modern art compelling.

REVIEWED BY ALINA B: What process did you use to select your featured artists for this event?

Amy Finlayson: There wasn’t a set directive for this show. I just wanted to celebrate the creatives that I knew well and were at the tipping point to greatness. There is also a level of consciousness in their works that highlights a progressive attitude in today’s society that I find really important.

What draws you to an artist or an aesthetic?

Passion, truth and persistence.

Brooklyn Whelan 'Long Range System #2' 2015 (Part of a Triptych) 76 x 76cm (each) Acrylic on Canvas

Brooklyn Whelan
‘Long Range System #2’ 2015 (Part of a Triptych)
76 x 76cm (each)
Acrylic on Canvas

What is your own creative process like? What drives you in what you share or the story you tell?

Its very cathartic for me – there is a necessary spilling of truth…I liken my works in this show to physical emotions.
If you were to place a tissue on a wound, or spill, you would get a stain. My pieces in this show are similar to that – but if the wound was an emotion and the work the gauze. This really is what is in my head and in my heart.My painting process is disjointed. I will start a painting at any hour of the day and it will sit there for days and sometimes weeks. I will come back to it at certain points and add things, slowly, until I am happy with it. Paul Gardner once said “A painting is never finished – it simply stops in interesting places.”

What do you hope to share or bring across to art and culture lovers through the eleven event?
This show has a loose central focus on small works so my main goal is to help buyers start art collections of their own, whilst also giving exposure to the artists I am showing.  Art can be daunting, but I think if buyers can ease into it they will realize the incredible benefit art brings to one’s life.
Artist and The Fin Collection director Amy Finlayson

Artist and The Fin Collection director Amy Finlayson

ELEVEN launches at Sun Studios on May 27th and will run until June 9th.See more at
Instagram: @thefincollection @amy_fin #thefincollection
*Main image credit:
Amy Finlayson
‘Freedom’ 2015 (Diptych)
21 x 15cm (each)
Mixed media on card