June 28

Singapore. Always warm, always welcoming. Reassuringly consistent and dynamically diverse. Most of us have been there on a fly-by, spending a couple of days in transit but not necessarily cementing the island city as a final destination. However, as Australia cools down, these glamorous Asian neighbours are brimming with escapist hospitality that cements it’s status as a sophisticated destination.


June 2

I first met the Piermarq boys via contacts at my old job, where they were quickly adopted as one of our own within the tight-knit ‘happy hour’ clique. Robbie Russell and Justin Callanan shone a bright spark – laddish, friendly and whip-smart, with a highbrow, well-cultured edge. The larrikin gallerists’ work was secondary to their personality, at least at first. A graceful shadow on the periphery of boujelais-fuelled nights that hinted at unexplored creative worlds.


May 9

What is LA life really like for a striving, talented, Almost-Faymis Aussie actress? Ever wanted to try the move and find your luck in Hollywood but don’t know what to expect? Will your daily routine be a $30 green smoothie by day and $30 cocktails schmoozing directors at premiers by night? Are you better off behind the camera, making your own films? And if you do make something of note, how to you get visibility and traction without selling out?

Few people are better equipped to answer this than Chantelle James – an Actors Centre graduate and creator, producer, and leading cast member of such viral, hilarious and thought provoking web satires as Faymis and Strange LA.